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Exterior Sun Shade Systems

Expand the art of outdoor living....


Quality, style and function are important to us. At View Control Solutions, we want to bring you the best products on the market.


Designed to be complimentary to your outdoor area, we offer the most durable and funtional exterior shade system.


Choose from a standard duty, heavy duty or exterior sun shade lite.

The Exterior Sun Shade Standard is a custom built meduim duty exterior sun shade. Exterior Sun Shade Standard is operated by gear or motor. This shade is perfect to shade outdoor areas, windows and doors and is designed to be used in mildly breezy conditions.


The Exterior Sun Shade HD is a heavy duty exterior sun shade and is built with the highest quality compoments of any exterior shade. The Exterior Sun Shade HD can also be operated by gear or motor. The HD is the ultimate choice to protect you and your belongings.


Our light duty Exterior Sun Shade is custom built light duty shade with a great price point.

Exterior Sun Shade Lite is operated with a chain pull or motor and is perfect to shade smaller outdoor areas.


With Exterior Sun Shade Systems the  benefits are endless.

- Save up to 25%-40% on cooling costs

- Weatherize your outdoor ares

- Protect your interior and exterior furnishings

- Roll them down for shade when you need it and roll up when you want to enjoy the sun

- Minimize the amount of glare

- Our exterior sun shades look stunning

- Add value to your home

- Spend more time outdoors


You also have the options of:

- 4" standard or 5.5" heavy duty

- Manual or motorized option

- Exposed roll or box cover

- Cable guide system

- Aluminum side track

- FRT (fabric retention track)

- MLS (magnetic look system)



Select your finishes and fabrics. Choose from a 10% openess to a 5%, 3% or 0%


You can still enjoy a fabulous view....

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