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What is Magnetite?

Magnetite window panels are a unique interior mounted insulating panel that attaches and seals magnetically around the entire perimeter of a window, no matter it's size or shape. These interior insulating window panels provide far better noise insulation than single glazed windows. They also provide increased energy savings than standard single glazed windows by doubling the resistance to conductive heat loss and virtually eliminating air infiltration.

Magnetite window systems are able to be mounted with a variety of configurations.

Made from 100% virgin, optical-grade acrylic, guaranteed not to yellow. The flexible magnet is molded into the edging, sealing out dust and keeping the acrylic panel firnly in place. Magnetite's patented edging is made with exterior grade window vinyl. Available in thermal, soundproofing, or IR rejecting.

Performance Beyond the Limits of Ordinary Polycarbonate



Acrylic is less dense than standard glass, meaning it is cheaper to produce, it weights less, it is easier to move around, and it costs less to transport. Acrylic is only half as dense as glass and has a greater ability to bend. Its flexibility allows acrylic to distort its shape without harm, making it resistant to impact; A sudden blunt pressure does not break acrylic, whereas it would shatter glass in a instant. 



Acrylic is 17 times stronger than glass, requiring greater force to break it. This gives acrylic an obvious edge in situations where damage to a window due to impact could cause a fatal loss.Acrylic's impact strengh is higher than glass, so it cracks instead of shattering.


Surface and applications

The surface of acrylic is softer than that of glass, which is why it is not scratch resistant, although scratches and blemishes in acrylic buff away easier. The same scratches on mineral glass would require replacement of the entire pane. Another advantage of acrylic is that you can bond several panes together, joining the seams to create one piece.



Acrylic is as clear as optical glass but it allows more light while also filtering ultraviolet. Glass allows 80 to 90 percent of visible light to pass while acrylic transmits 92 percent. And acrylic does not yellow with age or appear milky, as thicker panes of glass can.



When it comes to insulation, acrylic is seven times more efficient than glass in reducing temperature flux, which means cool or warm air outside penetrates less easily than it would through standard glass. That can save you money on your heating bill.


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