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Anti-Fog film is a patented one-side coated Anti-Fog film with an adhesive backing.

It is an excellent candidate for use in display case refrigeration units such as those found in grocery and convenience stores. Fogged cabinets detracts customers from purchases. Continual clarity for brand leaders allow the products to speak and sell for themselves.

Anti-Fog offers long-term performance, abrasion resistance, impact and chemical resistance, as well as anti-static properties, printability and good optical clarity.


Anti-Fog is applied on the inside of freezer doors. Its preventing them from fogging up when shoppers open the cases. The standard door heating system can then be swiched off, which can accomplish to a significant energy saving.

Temperature and humidity differences between the inside of the case and the ambient conditions cause fogging or sweating on the glass surface. If shoppers cannot see the products clearly, sales may be reduced.


Case manufactures typically install anti-sweat heaters to keep the door, frame and glass warm enough not to accumulate condensation after door had been opened.

These heaters consume electrical energy to produce heat that is ultimately added as an additional load to the refrigeration. The result is a very inefficient net use of electricity.


A worrying report by the EIA calculates that a quarter of the carbon footprint of a supermarket is the result of the use of HFC's in refrigeration equipment.


Anti-Fog Film has proven to be a sustainable product with long-term Anti-Fog performance, tested by ENERGYGARD in numerous conditions and atmospheres.

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